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Do your staff have to enter the same data into multiple systems?

We specialise in connecting disparate systems enabling seamles data flow between separate software applications and databases.

As a result we are eliminating multiple data entry and reducing data entry errors. Data entered once is synchronised with other systems to ensure it is upd to date across all systems.

Our systems integration solutions allow our clients to quickly access and collate key data from separate data sources and provide them with reporting on ciritcal business information (Dashboards).

Explore our case studies to learn more about how our software systems integration solutions helped our clients to save hours of work, eliminated the need to enter the same data multiple times and are providing key business information and reporting based on data collated from multiple data sources.

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  • Alan Tracey
    Knowlegde Business Systems Limited

    Jarek and GRIP Communications have consistently delivered over and above my high expectations on their ability to define and execute an elegant solution.

    The solution provided is simple to use and significantly improves productivity of my business, over and above initial projections. Full utilisation of the model will ensure that projected return on investment of 25% per annum will be vastly exceeded.