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Custom Software Development

From Ideas to Tangible Results...

Custom Software Solutions

We strongly believe that the main reason to invest in custom-built software solutions is to improve your business, bring it to the next level and make it ready for future growth. 

Our commitment is to ensure the software solutions we design & develop play a critical role in the success of your business. We want you to focus on the core of your business.

With every project we follow a proven four step process that guarantees a 100-per cent success rate.

1. Build the Business Case - Justify Investment

2. Design Software Architecture - the Blueprint

Identify Challenges and Document Requirements

We develop a business case to determine whether an investment in custom software is justified. The software we are going to design and build for you should make a positive impact on your business and there should be a significant return on your investment.

Business Processes Modelling & Workflows Documentation

The Software Architecture Design is the blueprint for your software. It is describes how the software is going to work. We document & analyse your business processes, your needs and the challenges you experiencing. We learn about your vision for the business.

3. Software Development & Testing

4. Continuous Customer Feedback

Coding, Testing, Quality Assurance

We split the project into smaller sections of work, called iterations. During an iteration, we work on a selected set of functions and perform internal quality tests. At the end of each iteration, a (small) working piece of the application is ready for you to test, verify and provide your feedback.

Customer Engagement

At the heart of our process is the system of continuous customer feedback. It guarantees that we, as your software development partner, are on the right track to deliver the software solution that meets your requirements and your vision.

If you are looking to...

Automate business processes and reduce workload

Increase staff productivity and expand business capacity

Save time and increase business profitability

Talk to us...

We design & develop software solutions that solve your business challenges,

so you can focus on growing your business...

Customer Testimonials

  • Caitriona ODonovan
    Be Independent Home Care

    We estimate that the overall savings in time and administration workload amount to approximately €40,000 per year, every year.

    The custom system has paid by itself in just half a year since its implementation. We have no doubts that the software built for us by GRIP Software Solutions plays a crucial role in helping us to grow the business by approximately 50% every year since 2013.

  • Niamh McCarthy, CEO
    Excursions Ireland Limited

    I still can't believe how quickly you have understood our business; lots of people never get it!

    We are delighted with the finished product. The custom software automated our core business processes and saved us numerous working hours. It allows us to develop our business further and seek out new clients. It is something that we never had time for before this bespoke program.

  • Shane Curran
    Cagney Maintenance Services Ltd

    The system reduced the total workload by 60 person-hours, down to 24 person-hours per week and resulted in total annual savings of around €64,000 in 2016.

    Since we implemented the custom software, our business has grown significantly, and we have been able to accommodate that growth without adding additional headcount.

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