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Case Study: Excursions Ireland

Bespoke Document Management Software Solutions


» TOTAL ANNUAL SAVINGS: 65% reduction in direct administration costs per year


» PAYBACK PERIOD: 5 months


Excursions Ireland has established itself as the leading provider of ground services to international cruise lines visiting Ireland. The company offer a wide variety of services including shore excursions, pre/post tours, turnaround services, incentive travel and specialist tours.

In any season, from April till September Excursions Ireland organises around 200 tours. Each tour may consist of 6 to 10 excursions tourists can chose from.

From October to March the team at Excursions Ireland plans the tours and excursions for the next season. This planning work involved generating a lot of documents (tour plans, tour worksheets, guide itineraries), copying & pasting information from one document to another multiple times, managing separate suppliers lists including guides, companies providing coaches and drivers, restaurants, sites to be visited.

GRIP analysed the client’s work processes and audited the systems they used, which consisted of large number of spreadsheets with lots of duplicated date and found out that:

  1. Thee company was spending on average 6 to 8 man-hours per tour on tour planning activities, which included:
    • Creating dedicated documents for the tour, including tour infos, worksheets and itineraries;
    • Copying the same information between multiple documents;
    • Using documents from past tours (previous years) to complete tour documentation for next season – this involved even more text & documents copying and introduced a complex file system difficult to navigate and find relevant information and documents quickly;
  2. During the season, there were spending additional 2 man-hours manually collating reports from each excursion and re-entering this data back to spreadsheets – this was necessary for invoicing;
  3. Staff could not share documents (a spreadsheet file can be opened for writing by 1 person at the time only) which resulted in waiting (waisted) time of approximately 2 man-hours per tour;

The total time spent on a single tour planning amounted on average to 12 man-hours per tour and with 200 tours organised during the season the planning work took 2,400 man-hours in total.

The hourly cost of an admin (office) employee was calculated at around €18, and so the total cost of tour planning per season amounted to €43,200.


GRIP designed a document workflow and management system that reduced the effort of tour planning from 12 to 4 hours..

This was possible because:

  • there is no more copying & pasting of information between documents
  • there is no duplication of documents
  • there is no need for complex filing system
  • all required data is available online and can be found quickly
  • all information is saved in a proper database system so it can be shared by many users at the same time
  • we completely eliminated spreadsheets from the tour planning process


As a result the company saves 8 hours per tour on planning work, 1,600 hours per year (200 tours). This amounts to €28,800 per year.

The the return on investment in the bespoke software solution was 400% and the payback period was just under 5 months.

  • Niamh McCarthy
    Excursions Ireland

    I still can't believe how quickly you have understood our business...lots of people never get it!

    From the moment we had our first consultation with GRIP Communications we knew we had found the right company. The speed at which they grasped our industry was astonishing. We found GRIP to be extremely efficient in all aspects of our software build with excellent response times to all our various queries and questions.

    We are extremely happy with the finished product and feel that the program will save us numerous working hours to allow us to further develop our business and seek out new clients. This is something that we never had time for before this bespoke program. We would have no hesitation in recommending Jarek and GRIP Communications and hope to further extend our software program to take in other aspects of our business.

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