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Case Study: Be Independent

Bespoke Work Scheduling and Timesheet Processing Software Solutions


» TOTAL ANNUAL SAVINGS: 70% reduction in direct administration costs per year




Be Independent Home Care is a private home care provider operating in Dublin and surrounding areas. The company is providing a quality support and care at home to elderly or unwell people. In 2013 Be Independent was employing around 25 professionally trained and highly experienced nurses and carers providing support and care to about 40 clients.

At that time the company was creating work schedules for their employees manually using word and excel documents. The work schedules had to be prepared weekly and this task was taking on average 3 full-days per week between 2 people. This was due to the fact that the schedules were created for clients first and then carers’ schedules were created based on previously completed clients’ schedules. In essence the same work some done twice.

On top of that every week detailed reports had to be prepared for customer invoicing and employees payroll. This information was collated manually from paper-based work schedules from previous week. This task took on average 1 full-day per week.

These tasks were so complex and so important to the business that the owners felt they could not delegate them to anybody. The business owners themselves were actually doing them.

And because these tasks took some much time and effort, the business was unable to take on more customers on board. One more client meant another 15 minutes per week of additional admin work.

The business growth was severely impacted.

Together with the client, we calculated, that the total annual cost of these activities executed by the business owners was just above €40,000.


After careful needs and requirements analysis we have designed bespoke software solution that streamlined the process of creating work schedules for clients and employees and automated the reporting for invoicing and payroll.

Now, when a schedule entry is created for a client it automatically appears in the schedule of carer assigned to that care entry (shift). The same happens when a new schedule entry is created for a carer – it automatically appears in assigned client’s schedule.

Because all shifts are saved in the database creating reports for invoicing and payroll is instant. There is no more processing of paper-based worksheets and collating the information using spreadsheets. They simply select the desired time period and reports are automatically generated for them.

Furthermore this information can be imported into 3rd party payroll and invoicing systems without the need to manually enter this data again. Over time system has been expanded by additional functionality including:

  • Recording of carer annual and sick leave helping the Care team to organise care cover in case carers are on holidays or out sick;
  • Carers’ training records and notifications to Care team about upcoming training renewals;
  • Carers Portal for carers to sign in and review their schedules;
  • Automated notifications to carers when their schedule is updated/changed;
  • Carer availability search based on qualifications required, area covered, time availability;
  • and many, many more….


The direct benefits of the bespoke solution designed and developed by GRIP included an instant time savings in the areas of work schedules management and work reporting for invoicing and payroll.

The workload related with work schedules creation was reduced from 24 man-hours per week to 8 man-hours per week.

Furthermore due to the fact that all data is stored in a robust database system, the reporting effort was eliminated to zero (0) – all reports are available to users and business owners instantly.

Moreover, the improvements and simplification of the processes meant that business owners were able to hire admin staff and delegate these tasks to them after some initial training.

As a result the total annual costs of work scheduling was reduced to around €8,000 while cost of reporting is zero (as reports creation does not take any time anymore).

This means that on average the system developed by GRIP is saving our client approximately €30,000 per year.

The most important benefit however is the time freed up for the business owners. Without the need to spend hours on creating and validating work schedules and well as collating reports for invoicing and payroll then could focus on developing the business.

The improvements provided by the bespoke software developed by GRIP allowed the business owners to take on more customers and as a result as of spring 2016 the company has 120 client and 75 carers.

By designing and developing the bespoke software solution we helped to grow Be Independent Home Care by 300% over the last 3 years.

  • Caitriona ODonovan
    Be Independent Home Care

    The software system designed and built by GRIP Communications significantly simplified our administration work, including staff scheduling, timesheets management and reporting.

    It reduced our overall workload from 32 hours to 4 hours per week, enabled instant reporting and allowed us to delegate most of this work to administration staff.

    We estimated that the overall savings in time and administration effort amount to approximately €30,000 per year, every year. The system has paid by itself in just half a year since its implementation. We have no doubts that the software built for us by GRIP Communications played a key role helping us to grow the business by 100% over the last 2 years since 2013.

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